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SteelTuff FencingApplications & Environments


Lasts in highly acidic conditions

High levels of soil acidity can occur from natural causes, from the use of certain fertilisers or from keeping animals in concentrated areas. Acidic conditions are responsible for corroding fencing well ahead of it’s life expectancy, creating an expensive problem for farmers. SteelTuff posts will live through it all and perform like no other in acidic conditions.


Performs in soil with any pH level

The special self-sealing coating of zinc, aluminium and magnesium offers unbelievable longevity when compared to conventional galvanised steel, pine and concrete posts. Tried and tested across the full spectrum of soil conditions and pH levels, SteelTuff posts are sure to last a lifetime in highly acidic or highly alkaline soil conditions.


Ideal for areas affected by salinity

Many Australian farms are faced with the difficult and destructive affects of salinity. High salt content in soil is known to quickly corrode many conventional fencing materials. Made from a new generation coated steel called ZAM®, SteelTuff posts offer an excellent fencing solution for areas affected by salinity.


Performs in marine environments

Marine environments demand for greater durability and corrosion resistance. The SteelTuff fencing system will outperform any other in salt air, marine atmospheres, coastal soil and sandy conditions. The combination of advanced coated steel and the unique roll-formed design ensure coastal areas are protected and preserved in the strongest and most sustainable way.


Corrosion resistant in areas subject to repeated wear and weathering

SteelTuff posts are made from technically advanced, coated steel which means they go the distance no matter what mother nature throws at them. This gives farmers the opportunity to safely and securely keep their livestock in the harshest conditions. Install it once and forget about it for generations.


Non toxic for crops, orchards and vineyards

SteelTuff posts are made from materials that won’t leach into the soil and will not harm your crops. The posts do not contaminate soil with poisonous chemicals and are the environmentally friendly and safe solution for generations of healthy harvesting.


The first choice for cattle

Neil French, creator of SteelTuff fencing has been a cattle farmer his entire life. Tried and tested on his own farm, the range is custom designed for cattle. The unique round-edged design means your livestock won’t get caught or injured on them. Keep your investment safe and harm-free with SteelTuff Rural Fencing Solutions.


Safe for horses

Keep your prized stallion, mare or colt injury free with one of the safest equine fencing solutions on the market. Horses won’t catch on the smooth, rounded edges of the posts with the added option to fit specially designed post top caps for extra precaution and maximum protection.


The ultimate fencing for pigs

Practice humane handling and careful management of pigs by installing SteelTuff rural fencing. Not only will your pigs keep safe and injury free, the posts will also go the distance in the highly acidic soil conditions of a pig pit.


Perfect for sheep, goats, and other livestock

SteelTuff posts will help you deliver a safe, sustainable and productive farm. With its protective design and remarkable longevity, your sheep, goats and other livestock will be protected for generations to come.


Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

SteelTuff Rural Fencing Solutions is changing fencing in Australia forever. It outweighs, outstands and outlasts anything else on the market – you’re guaranteed to love it.

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