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SteelTuff FencingDesign & Features

    Roll-formed for strength

    One piece of steel sheet with no welds or joins.

    Roll-formed from one piece of super strong material, SteelTuff posts have no welds or joins giving them superior strength – they won’t bend, crack or move in the ground.

      Rounded edges

      Designed to protect stock from cuts and bruising.

      SteelTuff posts are specially designed to protect animals from cuts and bruising. Their unique round-edged design means there are no sharp edges for animals to get caught on. Post top caps are also available for extra precaution and maximum protection.

        Pointed posts

        Installs easily into the ground, saving you time.

        The SteelTuff post range is designed with pointed ends for fast and easy installation, saving you time and labour.

          Made from ZAM®

          New generation coated steel that lasts a lifetime.

          SteelTuff posts are manufactured from ZAM®, a technologically advanced material. Now for the first time, you can enjoy new possibilities for fencing with superior corrosion and scratch resistance. 20 times tougher than galvanized steel, your fence posts will last a lifetime.

            Available lengths

            Posts come in a range of lengths or custom order.

            Different conditions and terrain require different post lengths. The SteelTuff post range come in a variety of lengths to meet your requirements. Custom lengths are also available on enquiry and as a custom order.

              Fence post hole spacing

              Hole spacing allows for flexible wiring options.

              SteelTuff posts use standard rural fence post hole conventions, offering both familiarity and flexibility for your wiring requirements. Custom designed stand off insulators are also available for the SteelTuff fencing range to keep your electric fence safely in place.

                A fully integrated system

                Our versatile system makes fencing quicker and easier.

                SteelTuff Rural Fencing Solutions supply all the fixtures and components you need to install a superior fence for your property. Including slide on brackets, easy-to-fit strainers, flexible gating options and more, putting a fence up has never been simpler.


                Environmentally friendly

                Doing our bit for the environment.

                ZAM® is a resource-saving product since it lasts longer and provides excellent corrosion resistance with relatively light coating. ZAM® is environmentally-friendly, satisfying environmental regulations RoHS and ELV. SteelTuff posts do not contaminate soil and are safe for crops.


                100% recyclable

                Posts are made from recyclable materials.

                Minimising environmental impact and promoting smarter resource management is highly important to us. The next generation steel we use is perfect because it’s 100% recyclable and the roll-formed design and manufacturing process of our posts means no wastage.

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                SteelTuff posts are built tough and guaranteed to last.

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