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SteelTuff Fencing Overview

Revolutionary rural fencing

SteelTuff Rural Fencing Solutions have created a product that sets a new standard for rural fencing worldwide. A unique fencing system that's smarter, safer, stronger and simply better in every way. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the posts are roll formed from one piece of high-tech coated steel for strength and unbeatable performance in any environment. It's unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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Designed by farmers for farmers.

SteelTuff posts are designed by industry professionals who knew there was a better option for rural fencing. The patented design and easy installation of SteelTuff posts is changing rural fencing for the better.

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The unique round-edged design protects stock.

Keeping your animals safe is essential. SteelTuff posts are specially designed to protect animals from cuts and bruising. Their unique round-edged design means there are no sharp edges for animals to get caught on. Safety caps are also available for added protection.

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    Outweighs, outstands and outlasts other posts.

    SteelTuff posts are roll-formed from one piece of material with no welds or joins for superior strength and won’t bend, crack or move in the ground. The posts are made from ZAM®, a new generation steel that’s self sealing and outlasts concrete, pine and galvanised posts.

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    Easier to install

    Our fully integrated fencing system saves you time.

    The SteelTuff fencing system is a breeze to assemble. It includes pointed posts that easily go into the ground, slide on brackets, easy-to-fit strainers, flexible gating options and more. Putting a fence up has never been simpler.

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    For any environment

    Performs in the harshest conditions and climates.

    From arid to humid, salty or cold; SteelTuff posts perform in any climate. Made from ZAM®, the posts are self-sealing with incredible scratch and corrosion resistance. Our posts will stand-up to the test of time in any conditions.

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    Friendly for your farm

    For sheep, cattle, goats, horses, pigs and more.

    SteelTuff posts are suitable for almost any rural livestock application. Keep your investment safe and injury free by investing in SteelTuff.

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    The environmental choice

    Reduce your carbon footprint.

    With incredible longevity, no material waste during manufacturing, 100% recyclable and made in Australia, SteelTuff posts are the environment choice. Our products satisfy environmental regulations RoHS and ELV.

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    Australia’s own

    Aussie designed, Aussie tested and Aussie made.

    SteelTuff posts are 100% made, manufactured and tested right here on Aussie soil for Aussie conditions. We pride ourselves in building and strengthening local industry for a better and brighter future for all Australians.

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    Lasts a lifetime

    Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    The quality of our product is second to none. With superior corrosion resistance, our posts last longer than anything else on the market. Smarter, safer and stronger we guarantee you’ll love SteelTuff rural fencing solutions.

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